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The Art of URL Decoding - A Comprehensive Guide

The Art of URL Decoding - A Comprehensive Guide Image

Published Date: September 9, 2022

Updated Date: September 9, 2022

What is URL Encoding

URL Encoding is converting certain characters entered as part of the URL into a format that can be used to transmit over the internet. URL Encoding is achieved by converting or replacing one or more characters in the URL with their equivalent ASCII character set

You can read more about URL Encoding.

What is URL Decoding

Just like URL Encoding, URL decoding is a process to convert the hexadecimal characters representing the reserved characters in a URL to the regular English characters. You can also consider URL Decoding as a reverse function of URL encoding. Just like we have a tool for URL Encoding, we also have a tool for URL Decoding

Why do we need URL Decoding

URL Decoding is needed, when you want to reverse the encoding process and get the original string.

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There are many applications that require you to encode your URL into a format that the systems can understand. If you wish to encode a URL, check out our free online URL Encoder.

Some systems communicate with encoded URLs, so you may need to decode a URL. If you want to decode a URL online, we have our free online URL Decoder.