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Tools Converters is a website that hosts a collection of daily use tools, formatters, calculators, and converters. These tools are super helpful for many regular activities like URL encoding, decoding, URL slug creation, google SEO Schema generation, color contrast checker for accessibility, creating your online signature, or creating bingo/tambola tickets. Of course, there is a blog to support it as well.

You can also request a new tool or Report a bug in any of our existing tools.

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Tools And Converters for your use

URL Encoder

Input a string of text or a URL and encode the entered string

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URL Decoder

Input an encoded string of text or a URL and decode the entered string

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Color Contrast Checker (WCAG)

Calculate the color contrast ratio for your website (WCAG)

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XML Formatter

Paste or upload an XML and have it formatted to a beautiful XML format

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FAQ Schema Generator

Create FAQ schema using the json ld generator for better SEO and google ranking

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URL Slug Generator

Convert any title or sentence into a variety of slugs for your pages URL

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Draw an e-signature or type a signature for your online signature

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Invoice Generator

Use our Free Invoice generator to make as many invoices you want.

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Markdown to Html

Convert your Markdown files to HTML instantly with our free online tool.

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Character Count

An efficient tool for counting characters in any text, perfect for precise content creation.

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